Find Your Self Worth

There are three tips to feel your self worth

6359115975205065311318930159_self1# 1 Don’t think negative!!
Don’t let self doubt overcome you. Sometimes people say things, or something unforeseen may happen. Don’t let your ego make you believe this, your higher power will make you worthy of anything negative. That’s the real source of your life. Your higher power is in connection to unconditional love toward yourself and all of life around you.
Always use this to make yourself worthy. It really depends on the situation. It may become passive when you get the feeling of self- doubt. Exercise: it will change our body chemistry, and it will lift you up and you will feel worthy right away. A healthy body makes a healthy mind.
# 2 Gain knowledge from your higher power,your spiritual self . You will be obedient to a higher self- worth and it will become a second nature and you will become unstoppable. It is a true training, to master your mind. Simple methods and practical use: So many practical methods you can use.
# 3 Self worth is a gift, treasure and nurture that. Love and forgiveness and gratitude. You will find grace and elegance to stay positive everyday. You must use anything that will help anytime you feel self- doubt. Ego loves suffering, it creates drama, especially negative thoughts. Oh poor me nobody likes me. Don’ t become that victim. Catch it early and start your positive thinking. You are worthy and only you can make that happen. Love yourself, you are worthy, your thoughts are you. Every one picks up thoughts from a form of energy, you have access to that energy in which we belong. Just don’t let negative nature enter your mind. It’s very hard to do. Don’t let negativity claim you. Just let it go past, and don’t desire anyone to entertain them.
You are a master of your mind, and more than just a brain.