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How to Be Happy

be_happy______by_helina01-d966azbHappiness is a very misunderstood word,yet we search for it our whole lives. We don’t need materialistic things to make us happy. We just need truth love and understanding of ourselves. It all up to us to make us happy. When I see a giggling baby or a child we know we are all born with a natural sense of happiness. Its our birthright. As we grow older and as things change around us, we find it very hard to be happy, we loose people that are dear to us, we face hardships that seem uncontrollable, we let people down. We cant dwell on these things. You have to look deep within yourself to find your happiness. Forgive often, pray for others and be happy for yourself. You and only you can do this, and when you having a bad day find someone to help. This will bring happiness to your heart. Here are a few ways to help you be happy:
1 Don’t be so serious all the time. When hardship hits us its really easy to get caught up in negative aspects. Remember taking things to seriously can weigh you down. Angels fly because they take things lightly.
2 When you don’t identify yourself with negative issues, you can’t shine, such as recovering addicts don’t be so quick to label yourself.
3 Be yourself because nobody is perfect. Accept yourself as you are. God made each of us unique in our on way, but you wont know that if you face away from yourself.
4 Be your own best friend. You have to have a relationship with yourself its the only one that’s lasts a lifetime, so don’t beat yourself up, just be kind to yourself.
5 Feel everything. Don’t repress your feelings when you suffer. Honor what you are feeling, make friends with them. Its the greatest gift of all and brings inner happiness.
6 You are not your past. We all make mistakes so forgive yourself for things you have done wrong. Its all in the past and not you anymore. We all have that chapter we don’t read out loud. So take your guilt and shame and make friends with it.
7. Meditate. This changes circuits in your brain and stimulates the feel good factor. Meditate on the good in your life which will make you much happier the only way to know for sure is to try it.